Course Tag: Wedding Photography

Understanding and utilizing different lighting are essential skills for today’s working wedding photographer. In this class, Danny will break down the wedding day and demonstrate how he uses creative lighting skills to create award-winning images. He will also show side-by-side comparisons of natural light and flash images to demonstrate the different look and feel he can achieve by using different lighting techniques.

In this photography video, Sal will take you live on a photoshoot in Beijing where he uses the Profoto B1x to create a dramatic portrait of a couple in a very unique location in Beijing. He will talk you through the lighting set up and all the settings he used while he is working on the shoot.

In this talk from the 2018 Shoot to Print Tour, Makayla Jade from the Harris Company will show you how to how to stand out in an oversaturated, under-priced market and start winning the clients of your dreams (without wasting all your time fighting social media algorithms or paying for advertising!)

From tiny hotel rooms to dark venues, outdoors at high noon to nighttime portraits, wedding photographers have to deal with the craziest of situations and the most difficult of light. Learn to embrace the difficult and turn it into beautiful images that your clients will love.

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