Bella | NYC

Bella | NYC Alley Shoot

Join Sal Cincotta in NYC for a street shoot with Bella and the Profoto B1X

In this quick video, Sal Cincotta is on location in New York City working with Bella and having some fun in the streets. Sal will cover motion posing, lighting with a beauty dish and show you results straight out of camera.

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About this course


For this shoot, Sal uses a 1 light set up with the Profoto B1X and the Profoto Portable Beauty Dish. Sal will show you a before and after so you can see the difference in shooting with and without a strobe in this environment. The lighting in this shoot is used to fill Bella’s face and create a more balanced image vs blowing out the background.



The equipment used for this shoot:
Camera | Canon 5DM4
Lens | Canon 35mm 1.4
Lens | Canon 50mm 1.2
Lens | Canon 70-200 2.8
Lens | Canon 85mm 1.2
Lighting | Profoto B1x

Modifier | Profoto Portable Beauty Dish
Trigger | Profoto Air Remote TTL-C

set up

The set up for this shoot is straightforward. Sal is working in an alley with open shade, but needs fill light to ensure that Bella’s face is not dark or underexposed. 

For this scene, he will photograph Bella in multiple ways. First, he will photograph Bella with no movement to ensure he gets the shot he needs. Second, he will work with Bella to create motion with her dress. Finally, to create a more dynamic portrait, Sal and Bella will run through the alley while shooting. 

The entire shoot is captured using the Profoto B1X and the Profoto Portable Beauty Dish. 

Real-World Photo Shoot

Nothing is hidden. This is a live shoot, with cameras rolling. Watch and listen to Sal as he works his way through the shoot, communicates with the model and team to perfect the shot. There is no better way to learn.

Final Image

Click the thumbnail to see full size

This Post Has 50 Comments

  1. Did you use AI Servo for the running shots Sal? If not what mode did you use? Cool shoot by the way.

    1. ty ty. no – i like to get exact focus – as best i can – even when moving. so i use single shot. thanks for watching.

  2. The final image is absolutely gorgeous. I am curious about the straight out of camera image.

  3. love that got to try that I only have a 85 1.8 lens maybe the 24/105 1.4 will get that. but i love that

  4. Albert Wong

    Awesome Sal!! Love that dress!! Great shots!!

  5. Chelle Winslow

    Fantastic video. Thanks so much for sharing! Beautiful, beautiful shot

  6. Great job to show how to create art anywhere with a simple lighting setup.
    These tutorials always keep me motivated to
    keep mixing ambient with ocf.
    Also now I know I don’t need a flash/c stand everywhere I go 😉

  7. Could you have put the iso at 100 and placed the strobe closer or at full power?

    1. yes we could have adjusted for sure. the reason the settings were so high is we were trying to FREEZE motion. so i wanted a higher shutter speed for that. if we take that off the table… we could have adjust ISO by two stops to ISO 100 and the shutter would have adjusted to 250th of a sec and everything would look the same.

  8. I enjoyed the simplicity of the video production. Mind sharing how it was shot? Osmo with wireless lav?
    Continued success!

  9. Since you were shooting in manual and not TTL , what power setting was the light set to? Oh and great shot !!!!!!

    1. ty ty. i had the light at about 7 or 8 of 10. but my process is to take a test shot and adjust power accordingly.

  10. Sal this was really helpful. The image turned out beautiful and you showed what can be done with one light positioned properly and used with high speed sync. I laughed at the model when she sprinted toward you! That was perfect!

  11. so awesome !!! really love your work. could you tell us the location, i mean the address.

  12. Thanks for the educational video, saw you at PPA couple of times and own your class at Creative Live really enjoy your teaching style.
    I do have a question what focus points you are using with your 5DIV? is I technical question I just upgrade to 5DIV from 6D and I try to do something like that and most of photos came blurred, I could not focus on face specially running any suggestions? Thank you

    1. great question and a very important one. i use single point focus on the 5dm4. and i put that focus point right on her eye. I DO NOT FOCUS RECOMPOSE – that will result in nothing but soft or blurry images. hope that helps!! and thanks for watching.

  13. Thank you again Sal for shearing, that was fantastic.
    Keep going with all that information we will take all that in!!
    Your Rock!

  14. Thanks for sharing and teaching! I love how you teach, it looks so easy. One question Sal, at what power was the Profoto? and how do you decide on the power of the Profoto? Thanks again!

    1. I believe the power was at 8. as for deciding… there are so many factors… am i using any ambient light or am i trying to overpower the light in the scene to make everything else dark. its one of those things… season to taste. 🙂 most of the time – i will take a test shot and adjust – especially on a real shoot – i start at about 7 power and my assistant about 6-8ft away… and adjust accordingly. usually getting dialed in in about 2-3 test shots. hope that helps.

  15. Hi Sal,
    Thank you for this lesson! It got my brain going. I have a similar location that I would like to try out.

    I have a question. I am working on a little budget and am wondering if the Godox Octogon softbox with reflector would be a good option (under $30) in combination with my off camera flash? If so, what size should the softbox be and should I buy a handle?


    1. glad you enjoyed it. as for the godox version – i am not familiar with that version, but here is what you want to do regardless of version – you want the light to be larger so its softer vs just your speedlight. so make sure its at least 12in across if not larger to make the light source larger as well. and yes… a handle makes being in the field and your assistants life much easier. 🙂 enjoy!!

  16. Awesome to see you back teaching, Sal. Been loving all your classes on CreativeLive, especially the business ones! Really powerful stuff and so helpful. Hope to see similar topics here around someday. Love your teaching!

  17. What are the camera settings for the B1 use in the HSS shooting? Love the action images and the solid focus

  18. Looking great! Always enjoy watching you raise the bar my man! See ya next week.

  19. Love it Sal… Thanks so much for sharing! See you at Lunacy!

  20. Thanks Sal, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this and give us such great content to go give it s try.
    Thank you.

  21. Love it lovely model for sure great smile what do you if you don’t have high speed syn to freeze motion?

    1. 🙂 this is a loaded question right. knee jerk response… get one with HSS. 🙂 but i understand what you mean. what you would have to do is lower your ISO to say 50. and stop down to like f16-ish. to get your shutter below 200th of a sec. what you lose there is the shallow depth of field – which is what you are seeing in my shot. glad you enjoyed it!!

      1. Okay, old camera and old brain but I will give it a run that you so much ove your work. Keep them coming.

  22. Hablo muy poco ingles pero para ver tu maravillosa forma de enseñar no necesito saber el idioma, tu enseñas perfectamente bien. Felicidades!!!

    1. Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras. Realmente lo aprecio.

      1. Wut wut? You speak e espanol? That’s awesome! Nicely said.
        (I was trying to sound like the Mexican that I am. LOL)

  23. Really beautiful. What if she dropped her right shoulder a little to separate from the dress?

  24. Great shots!! Were you using ttl on the profoto, or shooting manual?

    1. ty so much!! i was using manual for sure. i am not a fan of ttl i find it to be extremely inconsistent regardless of the manufacturer. thats why in the one scene when we were running backwards, the shots were a little too bright – thats because i was in manual and the person holding the light didnt keep their distance. so, while that’s a potential drawback – the upside is consistent light. hope that helps! thanks for watching!

  25. Gorgeous! LOVE the energy here, Sal!!

  26. Always love your work Sal! Beautiful as always!

  27. Love It!! Simplicity at it’s best.. creates Magic!!

  28. So Beautiful image !!! I love it!

    1. ty so much!! it was a fun shoot for sure.

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