Creating Impact Images with High-Speed Sync

Overpower the sun & create dramatic images with high-speed sync (HSS)

Watch this live shoot with Sal as he walks you through the shoot step-by-step

In this photography video, Sal will take you live on a photoshoot in Beijing where he uses the Profoto B1x to create a dramatic portrait of a couple in a very unique location in Beijing. He will talk you through the lighting set up and all the settings he used while he is working on the shoot.

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About this course


In this photoshoot, Sal takes you on location in Beijing and shows you how to use a 1-light set up and HSS (high-speed sync) to create impact images. Sal will talk you through his thought process, how he sets up the lights, and show you the final results. The main light will be used to fill in the shadows of the couple, while the sun will be used as an edge light to create separation from the background.


The equipment used for this shoot:
Camera | Canon 5DM4
Lens | Canon 70-200mm 2.8
Lighting | Profoto B1x
Modifier | Profoto Zoom Reflector
Trigger | Profoto Air Remote TTL-C

set up

Sal is using a 1-light set up for this shot. He is using a Profoto B1X off-camera right with the zoom reflector for more punch and power in the shot. This allows Sal to darken the background and really create an image that pops. In addition, he is shooting in HSS (high-speed sync) to get that shallow depth of field and a high shutter speed. In addition, Sal shows you the settings on the lights to understand how they work together and can be controlled.

Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

This is a behind the scenes look into a photo shoot with Sal where he walks you through the entire process in his head. He explains how to work with the lights and set them up to get the results you are looking for. In addition, Sal shows you the settings on the lights to understand how they work together and can be controlled.

lighting setup

Final Images

Click the thumbnails to see full size

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  1. Is the focus point on the bride’s eye since she’s shorter?

    1. height would have nothing to do with focus point – they are on the same focal plane – so thats why i have them in this pose – she is pulled as far forward as he is. ensuring they are both in focus. does that make sense?

  2. Tantalizing! Don’t have all this equipment tho. Would love to know another method to achieve similar results with a flash.

  3. Sal awesome job stunning image take me with you next time to China or Japan 🙂

  4. A very stunning and breathtaking image … appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Thank you!

  5. Great video Sal! I would like to see the SOOC as well.
    Do you use your own presets for post editing?

  6. Would like to see the image SOC before Evolve did their magic…

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